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QikFit Euro


Soft wired
Suitable for many different environments

The core component of the new QikFit modular system is the twin socket power module, initially available in Schuko, French Belgian and Swiss variants with the UK 2G module coming mid 2020, all with safety shutters as standard.

All QikFit power modules have industry standard GST18i3 power in and power out connectors with locking clips as standard and are available with either white or black socket fascias.

Simply connect a suitable power cable to a QikFit power module for an economical twin socket unit for below desk top IT equipment. Clip together two or more modules for additional sockets, or daisy modules with GST18i3 Interconnect leads. QikFit power modules can also be integrated with QikFit USB charging and Data/AV modules for a complete connectivity solution.


Example Configurations


Moulded in fire retardant polycarbonate.


UKF 2G: BS1363-2
Swiss 2G: IEC 60884-1 + SEV 1011 Swiss deviations
Schuko 2G: IEC 60884-1 + DIN VDE 0620-1 German deviations
Schuko 3G: IEC 60884-1 + DIN VDE 0620-1 German deviations
FRB 2G: IEC 60884-1 + NF C 61-314 French deviations
TUF25W: IEC 61558.2.16 and EN61204-3/CISPR22
Australian 2G: AS/NZS 3112 Approval and test specification – Plugs and socket-outlet


White RAL 9003 or black


Cutout Dimensions:

For metal panels 1 – 3mm


Cutout Dimensions:

QikTRAY Installation:

QikTRAY – the new OE square-wire cable tray allows QikFit to fit without the need for brackets.

Panel Installation:

QikFit power modules can be snapped directly into metal cable trays or panels