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QikFit Steel Panel Frame


Soft wired
Suitable for panels 10mm – 40mm thick
TUF5A compatible

The Qikfit STEEL PANEL FRAME (SPF) allows the same flexibility in configurations as the THICK PANEL FRAME but with the elegance of brushed stainless steel.

Designed to fit in vertical panels 10mm – 40mm thick, the SPF screws into the inside edge of the cutout, with all fixings disguised once installed.

Several SPF units can be powered via a simple outlet, by linking them together with plug and play interconnecting leads. This means multiple units to be installed into one piece of furniture with just one mains connection.



The QikFit Steel Thick Panel Frame can be fitted with the following QikFit module combinations:

  • 1 x QikFit 2G power module plus 4 x QF5 Data/AV modules
  • 2 x QikFit 2G power modules
  • 1 x QikFit 2G power module, 1 x QikFit TUF module plus 1 x QF5 Data/AV module
  • 9 x QF5 data/AV modules

*Locking clips must be removed before assembly


Brushed Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel


Six screw slots allow up to six fixing screws (not supplied) to be used to attach to panels 10mm – 40mm+ thick.

Power Entry:

QF45 SPF requires a power cord fitted with a right angled GST18i3 female connector.


Cut-out Dimensions:


Cutout dimensions